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  • Grant Cambridge Honored as Champion of Education

    The Learning Rights Law Center recently honored Grant as its 2020 Champion of Education for his support of the education of underserved children and families. He’s been our champion all along. His public contributions – more than a decade as a board leader, underwriter of college trips, sponsor of challenge grants – are well known. But it’s the quiet encouragement, the private generosity to students and alumni, the can-do spirit and the deep commitment of this first-generation college graduate that inspire the Value Schools community.

    Uploaded Nov 08, 2020
  • Value Schools -- A Day In The Life

    Insight into the lives and experience of two students at Value Schools

    Uploaded Sep 22, 2020
  • Everest Value School We Climb Campaign

    The We Climb capital campaign for a new campus for Everest Value School fulfills a promise to our students, parents and community.

    Uploaded Sep 22, 2020
  • Value Schools Is, an Overview of Value Schools

    Insights into the lives and experience of students and families at Value Schools

    Uploaded Sep 22, 2020

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