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Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

Downtown Value School is K-12 independent charter school located in Los Angeles offering a rigorous student-centered academic program. Downtown Value School asserts these five values as the core of its educational model:

  1. Academic excellence is the means to a full life.
  2. Each student can, through schooling, develop to his or her fullest potential.
  3. Each individual is unique and deserves respect.
  4. A safe, nurturing community is essential to academic excellence.
  5. Service to others and the community is a responsibility of an educated person.

In 2018, the community identified 5 Expected Student Learning Results(s) tied to these five core values:

These expected learning results connected to the school values were used as a template to define the new Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) for the next six years. Individual members reflected on their school mission for students, shared it with the group, then grouped into Focus Teams. Focus teams using the school’s mission, school values, and previous ESLRs deleted, added, and/or expanded on key terms and statements to identify possible SLOs. Using Google Drive Survey forms , stakeholders voted for their top five Student Learning Outcomes. The Student Learning Outcomes with the most votes by faculty, parents, and students, was chosen. These are as follows, Downtown Value School Students are:


Academic Achievers who

  • Are intrinsically motivated to surpass their own expectations
  • Gather and evaluate information, articulate ideas, and produce original works with confidence and clarity
  • Recognize school as an important resource for personal growth
  • Use technology tools effectively, creatively, and responsibly by producing work products that reflect credible and conscientious learning.
Goal Seekers who
  • Use decision making processes that can be quantified and analyzed.
  • Understand that their decisions will determine their academic, professional, and personal future.
  • Are aware of a variety of career opportunities and the paths to obtain them demonstrate ambition and take initiative to set challenging goals
Respectful Scholars who
  • Understand and respect people with different worldviews, beliefs, preferences, and abilities.
  • Recognize different opinions, cultures, beliefs, and learn from them
  • Empower themselves and others through various support systems
  • Place a great value on conflict resolution skills, problem solving, maintaining relationships, self-advocacy.

Collaborative Workers who

  • Adapt to new situations and changing environments
  • Are confident to assume a variety of roles in social academic groups
  • Manage interpersonal relationships in a positive manner
  • Are confident enough to assume a variety of roles in social and academic groups
  • Vigorously participate by asking questions and sharing their own insights

Global Citizens who

  • Understand and exercise the responsibilities involved in citizenship of the various communities in which they live.
  • Recognize global issues and their impact on individuals and communities
  • Use their time, energy, and talents to improve the quality of life for themselves, their school, community, state, nation, and world
  • Understand and exercise the responsibilities involved in citizenship of the various communities in which they live

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