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Reopening Overview and Phases

Downtown Value School is committed to helping students grow into persons who make a positive difference for their community and their world throughout their lives. This will not change whether we are on a computer or in a classroom.
Downtown Value remains committed to providing all students with a free and appropriate public education during the 2020-21 school year informed by all Federal, State and local guidance. Whether through a fully home-based, virtual program, or a “hybrid” program offering students limited opportunities to rejoin us on campus, Downtown Value promises to support students as they reach their fullest potential.
During these uncertain times, the school will need to be flexible.  Based on the risks developing in LA County and our ability to meet guidelines for safely reopening, our plan will unfold in four phases:



Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Phase 4

Operational Safety

LA County deems it unsafe for school opening

Downtown Value is unable to open under guidelines from health department 

LA County deems it safe for schools reopening if compliant with safety regulations currently in place. (6ft distance and max 15 students)

Value Schools deems it safe to have limited cohorts on campus following CDC guidelines

LA County deems it safe for schools reopening if compliant with safety regulations limiting only large gatherings 

Value Schools deems school is safe for full capacity

LA County deems schools are safe for normal operations

Academic Plan

Distance Learning with required instructional minutes:

Kinder: 180 min per day

1st -3rd: 230 min per day

4th -8th: 240 min per day

Parent Choice between Distance Learning or Hybrid

(2 days/week on campus)

All students would be encouraged back to campus with no gatherings over a specific number and a continuation of masks and sanitation

DVS returns to 2019 model

The school may move between these phases based on the changes in positive cases in the community and at the school. Downtown Value will need its staff, student and family communities to stay updated with messaging on Parent Square and Class Dojo. These updates will include specifics on classroom schedules, assignments and other programs.

Upcoming Vaccination Opportunities

COVID-19 Safety Plan

The COVID-19 Safety Plan documents for Downtown Value School include the details of all the requirements and recommendations made in the COVID-19 and Reopening In-Person Instruction Framework & Public Health Guidance for K-12 Schools in California and Appendix T1 and T2 provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.  This CSP plan has also been:

    • Submitted to the State Safe Schools for All Team by emailing documents to [email protected]
    • Submitted to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health: [email protected]