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Application FAQs

Downtown Value School is open to all students eligible to attend, regardless of abilities, disabilities, or where they live. If the number of students applying to Downtown Value School exceeds the number of enrollment slots available, California Charter laws state that a public lottery must be held where students are placed on an enrollment waiting list to determine which students will have the opportunity to attend.

Applications for Downtown Value School are accepted beginning each July for the following school year. The lottery is held on the second Thursday each February. Spots are not guaranteed, and you do not have to be present for the drawing to be accepted to the school.

The principal of Downtown Value School leads the drawing, and is assisted by an Administrative Assistant. Anyone who is interested is welcome and encouraged to attend.

You may participate in the lottery drawing, and you will also receive a letter from Downtown Value School acknowledging you have been accepted within two weeks.

Yes. As soon as all available spots are filled, families are placed on the waiting list in the order they were selected during the lottery drawing.

No. Applying more than once does not provide you with a better chance of being accepted to Downtown Value School.

Siblings of students currently enrolled in Downtown Value School and students related to Downtown Value School staff have priority on the waitlist and will be offered a space before other applicants during the lottery.  However, siblings of students currently enrolled who apply after the lottery is held will be placed at the end of the waiting list after non-siblings.


For example, the incoming Kindergarten class for the 2016-2017 school year has ** applicants that are siblings of students that are already enrolled at Downtown Value School.  Those siblings have already been placed at the top of our enrollment list and within two weeks will be receiving a letter of acceptance offering them an enrollment slot for the following school year.


The remaining ** Kindergarten applicants will have their names placed in the lottery to determine their spot on the waitlist.  The first name drawn will be given the first slot after all priority list applicants.  All subsequent names drawn will be placed on the waitlist accordingly. 


Each Kindergarten class at Downtown Value School for the school year will have 21 students.  Between the two classes there will be 42 Kindergarten students total.  Assuming that all siblings offered a spot are enrolling, that will leave about ** spaces for non-priority list students assuming there are no retentions in Kindergarten.  Because retention numbers have not yet been determined, we will only be sending letters of acceptance to the first 10 students on the non-priority wait list until final grades are submitted at the end of June.

Before a student attends the school for the first time, a Registration Form must be completed for that student to complete the admissions process. The school secretary notifies those selected for admission, in the order of their lottery draw. If the secretary is unable to reach a parent directly, the secretary will leave a message asking the parent to call for an appointment. If the parent fails to respond within two business days, that student loses his/her place and is moved to the end of the waiting list.


At the time of the contact an appointment is scheduled for the parent to complete the Registration Form. If the parent fails to keep the appointment and does not reschedule, that student loses his/her place and is moved to the end of the waiting list. Appropriate accommodations are made for parents/guardians who cannot attend an appointment, including submitting the Registration Form by mail.


As noted in “Admissions Process” above, attendance at the lottery is not required for admission to the Charter School. Parents may contact the Charter School main office to learn the outcome of their child’s lottery application, i.e., admission or place on a waiting list.

Absolutely not! Simply apply, and once you are accepted you will be asked to provide your child's IEP file and Downtown Value School will make the appropriate accommodations.

Yes. Children may participate in the before school program starting at 7:00 A.M. each day, and remain in the after-school program until 6:00 P.M. You can find out more information about that here.

Downtown Value School employs an evaluation for incoming kindergarten students. Parents and students alike will have ample time to meet staff and participate in a parent and student orientations. More information about these orientations will be provided at the lottery drawings.

If you have questions you can contact Downtown Value School's Administrative Assistant Socorro Peña.

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