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Kaufman and Jones
Kaufman and Jones
Peter Kaufman, Glenair CEO and former Green Bay Packer and UCLA graduate Datone Jones speaking to Value Schools students (above).

Earlier this month, the students from University Prep and Central City had a memorable day of conversation and reflection thanks to Peter Kaufman, Glenair CEO. They were given the opportunity to meet Datone Jones, a former Green Bay Packer and UCLA graduate, who shared his life journey from South Los Angeles to college and the NFL. Jones discussed how he developed his potential, listened to coaches who believed in him, and worked relentlessly toward his goals. The students recognized that his message aligned with Value Schools' core values.

Victor B., an 11th-grade Value Schools student, said, "I was inspired by Jones’ story and it motivates me to overcome the obstacles in my own life and achieve my goals of attending UC Davis and becoming a veterinarian."

The students appreciated Kaufman's generosity, story-telling, and wisdom. They were particularly interested in his advice on how to become good public speakers and why it is essential. Value Schools is preparing our students for the time when, as Kaufman told them, "You'll be running this place!!”

The students are excited to participate in the Glenair Student Internship Program, which has three goals: to ensure each student gains relevant work experience, amasses a professional network, and achieves their academic, professional, and personal goals. The program will give them the opportunity to work and learn about careers in mechanical design and engineering, finance, sales, and customer relations. They are eager to develop valuable skills, gain hands-on experience, and have a competitive edge in their future careers.

Kaufman's commitment to the community and his desire to inspire young minds are truly admirable. The students were grateful for the opportunity to meet at UCLA and look forward to continuing to learn from inspiring mentors.


Opportunities like these provide our students a chance to connect their education with real-world experience. If you would like to discuss creating an exciting, interactive experience for our students, either at our schools or at your business or organization, please contact [email protected].