Students Made This

Students planning
Throughout the We Climb campaign, for example, students at Everest Value were encouraged to share their ideas of what a new campus could – and should – provide. We thought, with so many community members involved in the creation of the new Everest Value School campus, those who had the most to benefit – our students – should have a role in creating it.
During the design process, students were asked to help envision what they would like to see in a new school. They participated in planning meetings, met with community leaders, raised money, and their ideas and artwork were used by architects to design many aspects of the new Everest Value campus.
Library logo
From the logo on the building's face, to the library encountered each morning, to the climbing structures and greenery on which to play, evidence of our students' voices can be seen across the entire campus.
Just take a minute to hear how proud our students are of their contribution to the new Everest Value campus.
Our students come to Value Schools to build a strong foundation for their futures. We invite you to watch the one minute video above and see how they have helped to make that metaphor concrete.